Welcome to the Corbin District Website

Rev. Farley Stuart and his wife Terrie Welcome to the Corbin District of the Kentucky Conference of the United Methodist Church.  My wife, Terrie and I are glad to be a part of the wonderful ministry that is going on through  our 60 churches in the counties  of: Casey, Wayne, Pulaski, McCreary, Laurel, Knox, Bell, Harlan and Whitley.  Within these congregations you will find warm, friendly, hard-working people trying to be the hands and feet of Jesus in their respective communities.  Though the styles of worship vary across the District, the focus of that worship is constant as we give praise to God for his infinite love, grace and mercy.  Praise and thanksgiving to Jesus Christ for his love for us, and a welcome to the Holy Spirit to be our guide, comforter and power as we labor to reach people who in need of the grace of Christ in their lives.

Our pastors are hard-working, dedicated, spiritual men and women, serving where God has put them for this time.  Though several of our pastors are bi-vocational, many of our churches have lots of activities for every age and opportunities to be in service to the kingdom of God.   Our full-time and part-time pastors are creative, committed, and grace-filled people who are working tirelessly to reach people in their communities, proclaiming a 2000 year old gospel to a modern world.

Our churches are in ministry in their communities and all around the world.  Our congregations have given thousands of dollars for disaster relief through UMCOR in addition to hands on help like making health kits, flood buckets, going on Volunteers in Mission trips or local mission groups to place like Africa, Haiti, Belize, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, just name a few.  At the same time they have met the challenge of meeting the goal set for them with Our Mission Together funds through our conference which puts us in ministry in many other areas of the world and our own region as well as giving to the work of our District.  Local churches have new buildings, new property, new additions and best of all, new ministries to the hurting and in need.  And there are more dreams for the days ahead as we continue to be the church of Christ for a hurting world.

We invite you to visit a church in our District.  More importantly, we invite you to get to know the God we serve and welcome Jesus, his son and our savior, into your own heart.  God wants to do great things in you and through you for his kingdom’s good.  If we can be of help please contact one of our local churches.

Farley and Terrie Stuart